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vocable n : a word that is spoken aloud [syn: spoken word]

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From French vocable or Latin vocabulum, from Latin vocare ‘call’.


  • /'vəʊkəbəl/


  1. a word or utterance, especially with reference to its form rather than its meaning
    • 1974: Without words and almost with the seriousness of asylum nurses they at once set upon an unsavoury-looking matron who began to cry out Mediterranean vocables of distress. — Anthony Burgess, The Clockwork Testament



From Latin vocabulum, from vocare ‘call’.




vocable m
  1. a term

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In speech, a vocable is an utterance, term, or word that is capable of being spoken and recognized. A non-lexical vocable is used without semantic role or meaning, while structure of vocables is often considered apart from any meaning. A vocable consists of one or a sequence of phonemes and may be represented by a string of letters or other symbols.
Non-lexical vocables are often used in music.

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allophone, alveolar, antonym, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, articulation, aspiration, assimilation, bilabial, cacuminal, cerebral, check, consonant, continuant, dental, diphthong, dissimilation, epenthetic vowel, explosive, expression, free form, glide, glottal, glottalization, guttural, homograph, homonym, homophone, labial, labialization, labiodental, labiovelar, laryngeal, lateral, lexeme, lingual, linguistic act, linguistic form, liquid, locution, logos, manner of articulation, metonym, minimum free form, modification, monophthong, monosyllable, morphophoneme, mute, nasal, occlusive, palatal, parasitic vowel, parol, parole, peak, pharyngeal, pharyngealization, phonation, phone, phoneme, plosive, polysyllable, prothetic vowel, retroflex, segmental phoneme, semivowel, sequence of phonemes, sonant, sonority, speaking, speech act, speech sound, stop, string, surd, syllabic nucleus, syllabic peak, syllable, synonym, term, the spoken word, tongue, transition sound, triphthong, usage, utterance, utterance string, velar, verbalism, verbum, vocalic, vocoid, voice, voiced sound, voiceless sound, voicing, vowel, word, word of mouth
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